About Monarch Waste Technologies

Monarch Waste Technologies, LLC

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In 2010 we began developing a technology to disrupt the regulated medical & hazardous waste treatment and destruction industry. In 2015 we designed, built, and successfully commissioned for full operations our first EPA-tested and DOE-validated facility in Nambe, NM. Going forward, our plan is to provide a safe, clean, efficient, and sustainable destruction method for regulated medical and hazardous waste. The Clean Air Act has forced the closing of several thousand incinerators, leaving only eight (8) in current operation, creating a window of opportunity for disruption of the status quo, and the proliferation of our PROVEN solution.

We own and control all intellectual property and trade secrets for our pyrolysis systems and solutions, including fabrication and operating know-how.  We continue to enhance and develop our commercially proven technology with a special focus on medical waste destruction. Ultimately, our goal is to develop “microsite” waste destruction locations in closer proximity to existing hospitals, clinics, and the like, where waste is being generated. We believe our solutions and approach will be the permanent replacement for incineration globally.

Our Mission

Deploy efficient, economical, and transformative waste destruction technologies to build, support, and grow markets and communities utilizing scientifically advanced and environmentally responsible strategies that are safe for
people and our planet.