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to Disrupt Multi-Billion Dollar US Medical Waste Destruction Market.

The EPA has determined that our design is NOT a medical waste incinerator.

EPA and DOE Validation Opens
Way for PyroMedTM

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Revolutionary, proven technology for the
total destruction of all medical waste matter

  • 20 years of proven history
  • NOT a prototype

Pyrolysis Technology

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exempt from medical waste incineration rules/ regs

There is an immediate need in the US to replace the
incineration process for destroying hazardous medical waste

Since 1995 98% of
medical waste incinerators
have been closed
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Overall cost avoidance
No rate increase
No extra charges

15 - 20% + cost savings on waste destruction

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say no to autoclaving.

Create a positive marketing image on a national scale

say no to incineration
say no to landfilling

What We Offer

Turnkey Waste Solution

We provide advanced pyrolysis waste decomposition/destruction systems that are non-incineration.  These systems are expertly engineered to deliver total destruction of all matter and harmful pathogens that are inherent in all types of medical waste; including, red bag, special, bulk, infectious, pathology, and pharmaceutical. Our waste destruction facility and proprietary technology process are innovative, safe, and proven to provide a way for hospitals to eliminate the need for pre-treatment and reduce their collection, transportation, and disposal costs.

Pyrolysis System Is Exempt From the Medical Waste Incineration Rules/Regs
(40 CFR 60 – 62)

Our system destroys waste using pyrolysis which has been granted a special exemption under the medical waste incinerator regulations that address processing and destruction of medical/hazardous waste. This process is more beneficial because it avoids costly transportation fees. 

I. The EPA has determined that our design is NOT
a medical waste incinerator.

II. Twenty years of proven history.
III. Permitted to destroy all medical/hazardous waste.
IV. 49% cleaner than EPA standards.
  • Infectious “Red Bag”
  • Sharps
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pathological
  • Chemotherapy Waste

Transforming Matters

Monarch Waste Technologies

Waste-to-Energy Solutions